Private labels and their development are closely related to the increase in the popularity of retail chains, especially discount stores and super- and hypermarkets, and thus their market value. By design, the products of the retailers’ own line are a cheap alternative to the products of local and international exclusive brands. The idea behind this concept is to offer high quality at an affordable price. Moreover, having your own brand makes the distributor independent of the dominant products on the market, reduces the costs of advertising individual goods and allows you to maintain constant prices in stores. Brands are a very important tool for competing for customers. When building an assortment, a trading company can sell goods with the brand name of one or more manufacturers, goods with the brands of other trade intermediaries and the so-called unbranded goods. The selection of the assortment in terms of the proposed brands therefore gives a lot of possibilities.

Our activities supporting private label processes include:

– searching for contractors

– representing the client

– arranging b2b meetings

– testing

– recipe adaptation

– advice on the selection of packaging


Private label and its potential:

– certainty of sales

– economies of scale

– lower product and sales costs

– minimal promotion costs