A set of activities that examine the company and its environment in a way that results in the formulation of an appropriate strategy and the construction and implementation of a specific strategic plan. As a supporting company, we put emphasis on a comprehensive nature using qualitative and quantitative methods in the fields of: economics, finance, management, marketing, econometrics, statistics, psychology. Professionally prepared analyzes answer the questions: under what conditions the company operates now; in which it will operate in the future and what possibilities it has to adapt to them.

The company performs the following analyzes:

  • analysis of the actual state of the company
  • segmentation analysis – formulation of strategic customers in relation to individual product and service groups
  • trend analysis
  • analysis of the actual state of advertising materials
  • analysis of the possibility of obtaining external financing of the company

  • target market analysis (including pre-conducted marketing research)
  • product / service life phase analysis
  • psycho – social analysis of the company’s strategic segments
  • analysis of professional predispositions (taking into account skills and personality traits)